Growing Tips

Adonis Living Soil

What pot size should I use for indoor growing?

We recommend a 4–7-gallon pot for indoor growing. The typical time for the vegetative cycle is about 3 weeks. We recommend a minimum of 15-gallon pots for outdoor growing.

How and when do I transplant my plants?

Make sure your soil is moist before transplanting. Transplanting dry soil can cause transplant shock. Clones can go straight into the soil. Seedlings need to have at least 2 sets of mature leaves before being transplanted. Plants can be started in small pots and transplanted to their final pot except for auto-flowering plants.

What should the PH level of my water be when watering my plant?

Having an excellent source of water is very important. Use chlorine and chloramine-free water such as rainwater, reverse osmosis or filtered water. Water should ideally be around +/- 6.5 PH.

Do I need to add anything to the soil like a compost tea?

You can add compost tea to Adonis Soil to enhance your microbiology, but it is not necessary. Adonis soil comes with pre-charged Biochar that has been bubbled in our compost tea made in-house by a compost tea expert.

How do I keep unwanted pests from harming my plants?

Using an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) in your garden is crucial in keeping unwanted soil born pest from harming your plants. Adding Nematodes, B.T.I bacteria, or predatory mites, to your soil will help

How do I properly flush Living Soil?

We generally don’t recommend any flushing in living soil.

Sometimes when there is an excess of nutrients (ex. Excessive pot size in relation to size of plant) we recommend doing a one time flush 10-14 days before harvest.

What type of lighting should I use for Adonis Soil?

HPS/MH, CMH are excellent lights that have been proven effective to get great yields of high-quality flowers. The downside is the heat, but this heat coming from the infrared output of these lamps is also what enables the plant to reach a higher leaf surface temperature at lower ambient temperatures. Making it easier to reach an ideal UPD range.

LEDs are a new lighting technology that is evolving quickly. New generations of LEDs are becoming more efficient with new spectrum profiles targeted for cannabis cultivation. LED rooms need to be set at higher temperatures to efficiency uptake calcium.

Adonis Fabric Pots

Why use Root Nest Fabric Pots for your plants?

Fabric pots are designed to maximize the development of a healthy fibrous root system by preventing root circling like you may see in regular plastic containers. The fabric also prevents overwatering of the plant by draining the water directly through the bottom of the pot. Fabric pots also release heat effectively compared to plastic containers.

Can I reuse Adonis Root Nest Fabric Pots?

Both types of fabric pots can be reused. Non-Woven are recommended for top watering technique, while the Woven pots are recommended for bottom watering.