About Our Soil

ADONIS LIVING SOIL™ is a certified organic and masterful blend of art and science, that requires only water to grow a superior product.

Crystal Cure Inc ,
 a  Canadian Licensed Producer, challenged us to develop a recipe for their own proprietary living soil to grow high-grade, non-irradiated Cannabis.
This new soil mixture, now known as ADONIS LIVING SOIL™ features natural ingredients from eastern Canada, and many from within a very short distance from our facility in Shediac Cape, New Brunswick.
We even established a worm farm on site to collect our own worm casting, ensuring the highest quality and constant supply.
We are now bringing that same soil to you!

We have done all the work to fine-tune our recipe so that you can focus on enjoying your plants.
Adonis Living Soil a certified organic soil that is designed by professional growers.

We pride ourselves in going the extra mile by ensuring 

The maximum density of microbes
We make our own high quality worm castings from locally sourced seafood compost. Adonis soil comes with pre charged Biochar that has been bubbled in our  in house compost tea made by a compost tea expert. A commercial soil inoculant is used  to ensure maximum break down of organic amendments.
The proper soil structure and drainage
Being in the heart of peat producing region gives us the advantage to custom source long fiber ultra coarse peat that gives superior structure to our soil. We also use a high quality buffered coco-chip for maximum porosity.
The proper ratios of nutrients
Every production batch is sent to a soil laboratory for analysis to ensure proper level and ratios of nutrients.
Monitored “Cooking Period”
Living Soil goes through a heating period or “Cooking “after mixing. We monitor the temperature through a 5-day process to preserve microbial life.

Living Soil is a complete and well-balanced potting mix that provides the proper balance of nutrients and microbiology for the plant throughout its lifecycle.

Plants have evolved to form symbiotic relationships with the soil microorganisms. It is with these beneficial interactions between the soil and the plant that we help them reach their full potential. 

Cannabis (and many other plants/crops) grown without human-made fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers allows the plants to flourish naturally as it should.

When using living Soil , all you need to add is Water !

ADONIS living soil is free of fertilizers and requires no additives to manage the entire growth cycle of plant (90-120 days).
Our soil naturally maximizes the genetic potential of every cannabis plant.
Adonis Growing Soil team posing with thumbs ups

Adonis Growing soil employees working on the soil


Crystal Cure

“Adonis Soil is a huge part of why our product is so unique. We’ve heard loud and clear from our customers that our award-winning cannabis is the most expressive on the market, and we know that’s because of our organic methods, but most importantly, the soil. It allows us to grow incredible quality without sacrificing yield or by adding harmful chemicals. This allows us to continue to stand out and gain attention for our product.”

– Jonathan Wilson, CEO

Stewart Farms

“The first time we used Adonis Soil was April 2020 when we received our Health Canada license. We ran it head-to-head with another renowned living soil in two different rooms, across three cultivars. Those first trials yielded 10% to 30% more depending on the cultivar and averaged 3% total higher Cannabinoids. For more than a year and half now, we have exclusively run Adonis across dozens of cultivars, through various hunts. We consistently hit 25% to 30% plus THC levels in our more potent genetics. If anyone ever tells you that you can’t hit high cannabinoid numbers in organics, just tell them they have been using the wrong soil. When it comes to terps; nothing compares to the robust flavours that you can get out of well-balanced living grow medium like Adonis. Full stop.”

– Tanner Stewart, CEO

Golden Peak Cannabis

Golden Peak Cannabis has been using Adonis living soil for over a year now and it has been a significant factor in the production of our award-winning craft cannabis. We really like the way the soil brings our plants from seedlings all the way to harvest without adding any amendments. Our plants are always healthy and vigorous. Adonis really allows the plants to express themselves and the final product is a testament to that.

– Tom Devost, President